What do Air Filters do?

Air filters are essential to correct compressed air preparation, Sept 1, 2021

The air around us contains dirt, sand, mold spores, pollen, micro-organisms, oil droplets, moisture, pollutants, gases, and many such particles that are invisible to the naked eye. A cubic foot of compressed air can harbour millions of contaminants. If any of those contaminants get into the air compressor they can cause premature wear and tear to the system parts like valves, seals, elements, and other moving parts.

Air filters are essential to correct compressed air preparation. It is one of the few inexpensive spares that can improve and keep running the air compressor for years with minimal maintenance. Depending on the ambient condition and the application, the filters need to be inspected and cleaned weekly. The filters have to be changed when they can't be cleaned, have developed holes or tears. A clogged filter can cause the compressor to work harder and ineffectively and deliver a sub-standard quality of air which can lead to damage to the compressor which then will have to be replaced. A clogged filter will cause an increase in electrical consumption costs as well.

Therefore by changing your filter regularly, you will have interrupted clean compressed air for your system, which will lead to less downtime, a decrease in maintenance time and costs, and the function of the plant will be optimum..

Why and When should you change your car filters?

Different filters that go into your car, Sep 10, 2021

Car filters are important to protect the engine of your car. So that your driving experience is not marred by dirty smoke, stalling, power loss, frequent oil replacing, or even engine failure. All of the above can happen if the filter is choked and unable to perform efficiently leading to breakdowns.

Different filters that go into your car

  1. Engine Air Filter

    While driving in cities or on dusty highways the air filters prevent any debris, dirt, insects, sand from entering the system. It acts as the lungs of your car. Dirty smoke, spluttering noises, reduced mileage, drop-in acceleration, and check engine light on are signs that the filter is dirty and needs to be replaced.

  2. Oil Filter

    Motor oil is an important lubricant that keeps the engine’s functions smooth and easy. And clean oil free of any dirt or metal particles is essential so that the engine parts don’t get damaged. This will affect the performance of the engine and lead to expensive maintenance.

  3. Fuel Filter

    Fuel filter as the name suggests filters the fuel from impurities like dust and dirt keeping it from clogging the fuel lines and the engine. If the fuel filter or the fuel lines are blocked then the engine will have to work harder for drawing it. Leading to a lack of acceleration, stalling, or problems in starting your car.

  4. Cabin Air filter

    Air that enters the interior of your car has to be clean of dirt, dust, pollen, microorganisms, and other pollutants. The cabin air filter helps to maintain the air quality in the car that comes through the heating and air conditioning. A dirty filter will obviously fail at this function exposing you and the interior of your car to hazardous particles.

    The filters are very essential to your car’s performance, to your pocket, and your well-being. They should be changed regularly as per your car manufacturer’s and your mechanic’s recommendation also depending on the usage and the driving conditions. Now, when was the last time you checked your car’s filter.