Pressure Reducing Valves

Siemag Products

We are the sole Authorized Dealers of “Siemag” Industries for Indian Railways past more than 02 decades for the complete range of Pneumatic products manufactured by them.

Our association with Indian Railways resulted in identifying the Siemag Products which were modified and then introduced in Locomotives way back in 1996 . This has resulted in reducing the failures of locomotives thereby increasing their reliability.

Pressure Reducing Valve


This is used in Tap Changer circuits of conventional Electric Locomotives including by Railway OEM’s like Bombardier Transport Ltd, Autometers Alliance Ltd and River Engineering.

  • Siemag PRV is designed for achieving a pressure drop of only 0.1 Kg/cm2 while taking single or multiple notches
  • The Rounded brass plunger comes in contact with half rounded piston cup which ensures that there is no cutting of rubber, thereby eliminating the changes of rupture and in turn avoiding failure
  • Thermo plastic piston design in place of Rubber diaphragm
  • Minimum Rubber Parts
  • Presence of Sintered Bronze Filter in combination of Pressure regulator ensures that the air first gets FILTERED goes in the Regulator and the enters the SMGR circuit. This serves 02 purposes. One it safeguards all the moving parts against dust, rust & moisture in the Regulator and second the filtered air ensures that the different gears, rubber parts and various moving parts are giving trouble free operations.
  • Faster after sales services & deliveries

Compressed Air Filter

These Filters are used in conventional locomotives which are functionally same as ceramic filter applications. The Siemag Air Filter was modified from its conventional filter and added with a needle valve to drain out the moisture from the filter bowl.


a) For Conventional Electric Locomotives: in Pneumatic pipe line before SMGR /DJ/BA Panels

  • Prevents failure on account of un-filtered air entering in above important equipments.
  • Light weight hence easy to maintain & handle
  • It has Sintered Bronze Filter instead of ceramic filter which automatically gives better filtration results
  • Very cost effective
  • Longer Service life
  • Light weight

Magnet Valve

We supply Siemag make Magnet valves for pneumatics applications in various departments of Indian Railways.