Sintered Bronze Filters

Sintered Bronze Filters

Filtration technology using sintered bronze filter media is a boon to the worldwide based industries due to its excellent filtration characteristics.

At MMHP® Sintered bronze filters are manufactured from spherical bronze granules by using appropriate sintering technique in controlled environment, at suitable temperatures producing uniformly-sized pore filter elements. High strength results from the strong granule bonding produced by sintering process.

At MMHP® we have the latest Design Facility using CAD facility utilized for the designing of tooling elements. Our manufacturing process is backed by an in-house tool room which is capable of designing all types of die tools required for our manufacturing.

  • Stability of shape, e.g. self-carrying structures even at high pressures
  • Good mechanical strength under permanent loads, or under pressure peaks
  • High quality filtration due to equal size granules
  • Reverse flow, Metaklenz cleaning solution can be used for easy cleaning
  • Resistance to corrosion as it is metallic
  • Resistance to vibrations
  • Removes moisture & oil droplets & pipe scales
  • Ability to be fabricated in desired shapes and sizes viz. Hollow Cylinder, Discs, Plates and Blind end cones
  • Can be used in high temperature applications
  • Resistance to impact as it is processed at 800 to 900 degree centigrade
  • Can be machined, soldered & welded

  • Air, gas and liquid filtration
  • Flow control of gases
  • Sound dampeners / silencers
  • Flame arresters